PHOTOGRAPHY TRENDS 2018 | Ben SheehyDo you believe we’ll see new photography trends in the upcoming year?

The future of photography has been sculpted around advancements in technology. Bright and sharp shots are more accessible today than ever before, impacting the commercial photography industry. BBC Research shows that the digital photography market has grown by 3.8 percent, spiking the estimated value of the market to $100 billion in 2018.

Emerging photography trends and Innovations are changing with the times. Read on to find some of the trends we can look forward to in the upcoming year:

  1. Travel Photography | Cameras are an essential tool for travelers. They are a great traveling companion for journalists, artists, and adventurers. Photography, as it relates to travel, is incredible because it helps others to view previously unexplored places, and helps to give an introduction to incredible places.
  2. Quality | Advanced equipment has helped the public to become visually literate. After being introduced to stellar techniques, people want to continue to see desirable and vibrant imagery, served to them in many ways.
  3. Lighting | Great lighting can transform an image. It can improve any visual aesthetics, and highlight and introduce beauty to spaces that don’t catch much light.
  4. Hashtags | Social media platforms have increased the number of people shooting images and sharing photographs, flooding the market. The use of hashtags isn’t a trend that is likely to slow. We’ll continue to see beautiful snapped images appear across platforms, while paired with playful hashtags, increasing the likelihood that I’ll be observed.
  5. Videos | Videos have been threatening to become a favorite for decades, though there’s still a great love for digital stills. We’re not only able to snap remarkable images; we’re able to film things that are crisp and share them quickly. Videography is a unique champion because it offers engagement and interaction in a way that’s individual to that medium. Videos will continue to attract users, young and old.
  6. Visual Storytelling | Editing and photographic shaping have all emboldened photojournalism. With ease, visual storytelling can happen anywhere. Creative storytelling is made and mastered on a cell phone or a laptop, and even this will be improved. The publican can tell stories in ways that are crafty, unique and inspired, taking control of personal brands.

What are some other habits and techniques do you believe photographers will trend toward in the upcoming year? How do you think the future will see the growth of infrastructure, photo editing, branding, tactic, technique, and engagement, as it relates to photography?