Littleton, Colorado

ben sheehy littleton coloradoBen Sheehy currently lives in Littleton, Colorado, a mid-size town in the suburbs of Denver. It is the 20th most popular city in Colorado with a population over 42,000 people.

Littleton was founded during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1859 – bringing merchants, farmers, and (of course) gold seekers to the area. Richard Sullivan Little, a specialist with irrigation systems, moved out west to help with development; after seeing the area now known as Littleton, he decided to settle down there with his wife in 1862.

The Little family and its surrounding neighbors build a mill in 1867; in the next 25 years, the community had grown to almost 250 people. In 1890 its residents voted to incorporate the Town of Littleton.

Littleton gained attention during the Columbine High School shooting when news media wrongly reported that the high school was located in the city; actually, Columbine High is located in Columbine (go figure) but the zip code is generally associated with Littleton. Columbine is not one of the Littleton Public Schools.

Over the years, Littleton has had many notable residents. Dave Grusin, the American composer, is from the city; Grusin has won numerous Grammy awards.

Matt Stone and Thomas Vogt, founders and editors of the show South Park are from Littleton; they have loosely based some aspects of the show on it. Several actors and actresses are also from the area – including Molly Burnett, Melissa Benoist and Cody Longo.