Ben Sheehy

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Ben Sheehy is a ServiceNow Developer and Administrator in Littleton, Colorado. Born in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1968, Ben grew up in a large household – he was one of six children. His mother, Helen Sheehy, still lives in Dubuque.

Ben has been married to his wife, Olga, for five years. He has three daughters – Alexandra, Sophia and Katherine.

Ben Sheehy served in the United States Marine Corp from 1992-1997 working as a Ground Radio Repairman. When he got out of the Marines in 1997, Ben knew that he wanted a career in IT.

Starting his professional career as an IT Systems Analyst at CoBiz, Ben worked a couple of positions as an analyst before finding a career in ServiceNow. Starting as a ServiceNow Developer at Critigen in 2009, Ben quickly became familiar with the ServiceNow platform. After spending two years at Critigen, Ben took a ServiceNow position with Motricity – a digital advertising company that works mainly in the mobile industry.

In 2012, Ben took a ServiceNow Senior Technical Analyst position with Fruition Brothers. Here, he worked with multiple clients – creating custom platforms while also integrating them with clients’ existing ITSM solutions.

After spending a year with Fruition Brothers, Ben decided to become an Independent Contractor in the ServiceNow industry. To date he has completed over 30 implementations, including multiple “Quick Start” and “Start Now” projects using Agile SCRUM Methodology.

Aerial Photography: Ben Sheehy

“While not the smoothest or the fastest around the track for me, the rarity of the car and the opportunity to drive a 700 horsepower car on a racetrack was unforgettable.”

Ben Sheehy

Outside of work, Ben has a wide variety of hobbies. Ben has logged over 120 flight hours as a private pilot. His love for flying turned into another passion: aerial photography. For the last two years, Ben has been honing his photography skills. He currently owns three DJI Phantom quadcopters that he uses for personal pleasure as well as providing DenverSeek with marketing materials. Ben enjoys doing post-production work as well and has used Final Cut Pro to produce short movies.

Ben is also into sports cars and has owned three Corvettes. When he learned about “track days” back in 1999, he was immediately hooked on the idea. He loves testing the limits of his cars while in a safe, controlled environment. Ben says that his favorite car to drive, however, has to be the Lamborghini Aventador.